Our Story

Hi we are Babs and Michael (B&M) We have been in business for 18 years we started in Antique & collectables going to antique fairs in  little Rover car cramming everything in we could. We then bought a Volvo estate WOW so much more room but still not enough the more space we had the more things we tried to cram in. So now we went into new style product and new shows ie Garden and gift shows so now we needed a transit which I slept in most weekends to keep our costs down so after about a year enough is enough we bought a very small used caravan no shower or toilet not good for a girl on her own so by working hard and saving harder we bought our beautiful brand new caravan with shower and toilet pure luxury. 

All this time we were both working full time, sometimes we did 2 shows at a time Michael doing Antique me doing gift but we preferred to work together.

So now we only work together and have changed direction again and mostly attend Air shows and the 1940 events and the most wonderful shows this era has produced we love the way people get involved by dressing up or by bringing their military vehicles everyone is very dedicated.

So guys enough about us check out our events page to see where we will be this year and come and see us ours is the van with Just Jane (the East Kirkby Lancaster Project) on the bonnet and the poppy field, ghost airman and the 2 Lancaster’s on the back doors so no excuses.

Our Van

Our van is definitely not hard to spot at the show we attend. Be sure to look out for us the next time you are out and about.